About Us

The American international Academy for Training and Development

The American Academy for Training and Development was established in San Diego, California, USA. As a registered company in the United States, (reg no.C4234849) we specialize in the training and development, operational worldwide.
We trained clients in the public, private and government sector in America, Iraq and Middle East.
Our programs are vast; business management, entrepreneurship, projects, future outlook, strategic planning and leadership.
These systematic and effective programs goals are innovation and improvement in creating a new and meaningful generation motivated for excellence.
American Academy for Training and Development is one of the centers for excellence, distinguished by the qualities for all requirements.
We always aim to be renowned as a global network of trainers and professionals ready for any challenge operates under one umbrella system inspired for all.

About Us

why us ?

  • We are working under the UN laws.
  • We only work with the highest American standards
  • Exclusive Partnership with the NHA, that specialized in the medical field who are the only medical experts in the Middle East.
    • Our trainers are the highest skilled in the USA and the Middle East.
    • The Academy has a specialized education development system.

    What does the trainer achieve?

    • Academy trainers will get the best Knowledge and Skills.
    • Marketing through the Academy’s social media sites
    • Form a professional relationship with our partners internationally.
    • Subscription to all the facilities to our trainers outside the USA.
    • The trainers will get accreditation after 3 years working with the Academy.

    Clients achievement?

    • Develop the staff abilities and skills
    • Connection between organizations throws our database offering recruitment candidates and resources.

    What does the trainees achieve?

    • Advance capabilities and skills professionally
    • Through courses, workshops and the database the trainee can get a broader career opportunity