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1- The accredited training center is committed to
respecting the mission, vision and values ​​of the American
International Academy for Training and Development
2- The training center must prove that it has a place
designated for holding the courses according to appropriate
standards for the training centers
3- The founder of the training center must have a minimum
of a Bachelor’s degree
4- The training center should put the emblem of the academy
in all courses approved by the academy
5- The training center should always give priority to the
academic name, logo, certificates and programs.
6- That the accredited center submit a report on the number
of courses held by it every 3 months

The required documents

1- Documents proving his scientific
and practical qualification
2- A copy of his passport or national ID
3- A personal photo
4- CV in both Arabic and English
5- The address of the trainer in both Arabic and English


Only 650 $ yearly

1000$ for two years