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Certified International Trainer


1- To accredit the courses, the trainer must provide the course’s axes and details
with an introductory video about the course he will provide, and, without this
condition, the trainer or the courses that he will offer cannot be accredited.
2- That he has served two courses in at least two countries outside his country
3- To have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the same field
4- Binding to the training charter and ethics
5- Full commitment to the vision and mission of the Academy
6- He must have a TOT training certificate, provided that it has a validity of
not less than two years, and that it is issued from Rusain Center.
7- He must not be less than 22 years old, and his training experience should
not be less than 5 years, and this condition excludes those who have spent
3 years on their contract with the American International Academy for
Training and Development

The required documents

1- Documents proving his scientific
and practical qualification
2- A copy of his passport or national ID
3- A personal photo
4- CV in both Arabic and English
5- The address of the trainer in both Arabic and English


Only $200 yearly