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This membership is granted to the following categories:
  * University professors, consultants and retirees who
hold a higher diploma, master's or doctorate * Postgraduate campaign holders without a job * Postgraduate students at the research stage


1- The applicant must be at least 23 years old
2- For graduate students in the research phase 
to provide the American International Academy for Training
and Development with a book from their colleges, they are
graduate students and in the research phase provided that
the general and accurate specialization is written 3- For holders of higher degrees without a job, the
university order for obtaining the certificate is sent upon
application 4- For university professors, the applicant must have
obtained a scientific title and at least be an assistant

The required documents

1- Documents proving his scientific
and practical qualification 2- A copy of his passport or national ID 3- A personal photo 4- CV in both Arabic and English 5- The address of the trainer in both Arabic and English


1-40% discount on the American International Academy 
courses for training and development 2-Provide guidance and recommendations for scientific
publishing with an updated flyer on high-impact scientific
journals 3- A special membership card provided by the
American International Academy with a special certificate
for students .



Only 330 $ yearly