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Student Membership

This membership is granted to the following categories:
* Middle and middle school students
* University and institute students for all levels
* Postgraduate students


* A book entitled to the American International
Academy for Training and Development, proves that the
applicant for this membership is a student and
a continuous student in his studies
* The applicant’s age should not be greater than 16 years
for middle school students with written approval from the
guardian of the application, 20 years for middle school
students, 25 years for elementary students

The required documents

* Documents proving his scientificand practical qualification
* A copy of his passport or national ID
* A personal photo

*CV in both Arabic and English

* The address of the trainer in both Arabic and English


1-25% discount on the American International Academy courses for training and development and the courses
of Dr. Riahin Sheikh Issa, with a 20% discount for people who come through a student member, the number of
members shouldn’t be less than 3 .
2- A letter of recommendation to increase possibilities to get a job
3- Participate free of charge in the workshops of the American International Academy for Training and Development
related to education and organize CVs and job interviews
4- A special membership card provided by the American International Academy with a special certificate  for students
5-10% discount on the American academic courses that the member participates in the centers accredited to the  American International Academy in training and development



Only $50 yearly