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Being one of the members of the Academy, and starting from our duty to provide all the services that help our members by providing the best that can be taken advantage of and to raise the level of training and developing the work of members, we offer privileges that are unique to us among international organizations working in the field of vocational training in accordance with a distinct scientific and practical plan
The American International Academy for Training and Development offers you a number of memberships designed to meet your scientific, academic and professional needs
Through the database of the American International Academy for Training and Development designed according to the American system and our partnerships with institutions
And companies, we provide free service to send members’ CVs and their certificates in order to obtain job opportunities
We also provide members with a development program for members

Professional memberships

P.Management Membership

Businessman Membership

Special Memberships

Silver Membership

Golden Membership

Daimond Membership

Academic memberships

Student Membership

A.Researcher Membership

Serving Worldwide Students

You Will Do Excellent in Your Career and We have Big Trust on Your Interest!

Only proper adequate level of continuous supports can make a real difference! As we follow all standard good practices for teaching so you find your own way!